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Grasping to Reality

Looking at life during lockdown, the artist turns the camera on herself and how she copes being trapped within four walls. She attempts to capture life using slow cinema and show how depersonalizing/derealization has a crippling effect on her. Using performance as a means to portray this, the artist creates a series of videos attempting to show this lost time and the struggle it is to be alive during this period. The project is about losing yourself, time and any sense of control one may have had before this pandemic. While it started as a coping mechanism, this project has become a catalyst for any sanity she thought she had. 

The project is three video pieces, performances that become video, along with select stills that helped the artist think through her work. 

The layout of the video is how the artist imagined to exhibit the work, three projections in a triangle shape. This will be explored when physical exhibitions are allowed again. 

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