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Sculpting in Time

In the piece the artist takes inspiration from Tarkovskys Mirror, in the theme of an absent family member. She reflects on her own family situation and creates a character that mirrors her estranged grandfather. The video piece follows this character, an elderly man, into a wooded area as he retreats from his family and the world around him. With him, this character drags a chair along with him, portraying this physical struggle and a determination to reach his destination. The artist wants to show a different perspective when it comes to dealing with people who have become estranged; instead of portraying the space left behind, she follows the estranged person to where they retreat to. 

This project is viewed as a failure to the artist. Unfortunately it just didn't work out and the artist struggled to come to terms with this for a while. As a result she became very demotivated and found it difficult to move on from it. Looking at it now, the artist is grateful for this failure as it showed her that not everything works out and that's okay, as well as the triggering another idea for her. 

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