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Visual Stories

For her publication piece the artist explores the life of her chosen character; the life of a student at night, as they unwind from the day. The piece is aesthetically based, the artist wants to create an atmosphere and tone through her images. She uses a combination of images of both her character and images taken outside, “looking out the window”, to show a contrast between the safety and shelter one feels inside and the harsh exposure of outside. In relation to the title, 23:32, the artist took inspiration from angel numbers, as while shooting the piece the artist noticed these numbers. In terms of angel numbers, seeing the number 23:32 means your angels are trying to tell you to trust your judgement and that you are on the right path. It gives a sense of comfort, takes away some worry that many have of not doing the right thing and runs in line with the idea of the piece. 

Recording of Photobook coming soon!
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